Raymond C. Bergeron, Jr. Architects - LLC is an association of architects and design technicians committed to offering clients the best possible design through personal attention to detail, professionalism, and a high level of competency.  Essential to the design process is the ability to understand the unique needs of each client.  Drawing on diverse experience, they advise, consult, and direct clients to turn vision into reality.

The primary goal is to create successful projects that will produce a sense of pride from designs that incorporate the physical, social, economic, and political concerns of the social environment.  To ensure success, the firm maintains itself on the "cutting edge" of the art in design and construction technology.

The background training of Raymond C. Bergeron in the concepts of Frank Lloyd Wright establishes a design vocabulary that defines, in dramatic format, the project function and its relationship to the surrounding environment.  Form and function are one in the same, but budgets control both.  The ability to create cost efficient desigh while maximizing the aesthetic and functional requirements is a special talent that has been expanded and refined though experience on many kinds of projects.  Budgets are established prior to the design process, and costs are monitored constantly during each design phase to insure the owner that the final product is within or under the estabished budget. 

To assure that the many facets of the design process are properly implemented, The firm effectively coordinates all other disciplines whose input and expertise is critical to successful completion of the project.  This is achieved by utilizing only the most reputable and knowledgeable consultants in each field.  The dedication to design excellence does not end when the drawings are complete.  The firm delivers to the owner a project design that can be built to the exact criteria established in the program.  Through constant attention to detail during construction, the owner can be assured that the building will meet his high standards of quality.

The commitment to design excellence is the underlying strength of the firm and the team approach to problem solving allows for the very best select consultants to perform together to create only the best for each client.